And the words that echo

The words that echo!

The words have always been beautiful, they have the power to transform themselves into a beautiful symphony and in the process transform the lives of those who value their light. The words carry a light and they enlighten the one who reads; the words carry a thousand unheard voices, a million emotions not expressed and each word has a story to be told. The words are vulnerable, the words are powerful, the words may heal or the words may bleed; the words have a soothing touch, the words feel the pain of longing, of losing someone who will always be a part of you, the words are about the leaves that drifted apart from their soul, the words are also about the colours of the spring, the words travel a thousand miles crossing oceans and defeating the infinite Himalayas; yet the words may not be able to reach the one next to you. Such is the magnificence of the words, the gravity that they carry. Words are always about the journey called life, about the joyous daybreak, about the twilight of the times, about the pain of the autumn, about the bliss of the spring, about the waters, about the breeze that touches your body and enters your soul, about the well beloved and the pursuit of the well beloved..words are about everything that was ever born, every idea that was ever conceived and everything under the sun. Such is the magic of the words, the words, blissful eternal words…on the eternal shores and the bright sunshine, on the hilltop and in the depths of the oceans, in the eyes of the one you will always love and the longing of the heart for the one who will never be yours…The words echo…and echo forever!! These are the words that echo!!

“The words that echo” is a collection of my words, the words that have accompanied me for long and the words that will stay with me till I become dust. and return back to the earth..dust to dust and ashes to ashes; words : my best companion on these glorious roads!! This blog is a collection of my words, of my poems written over time and which are yet to be written. I thank everyone who has ever powered the pen I hold, who has ever been the reason behind my existence and the birth of the words that give me another reason to be alive. Especially, heartfelt gratitude to the one who gave me the idea of this blog, the beginning is dedicated to you and that’s the reason “the words that echo” is on board today (April 10, 2016)…let us all travel along on these glorious roads, the roads we will always be together on…whatever, I invoke all my strength, to make sure that the words echo forever!!

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  1. Words do have great power for they are built on the love within us…and they echo exactly what we have created ❤
    A beautiful echo, thank you for sharing 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Pleased to hear such beautiful words from you!! Thanks a ton!!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Kashish Gupta says:

    These words are powerful enough to connect every human existence as they reflect each tiny emotion experienced by everyone at some instance of one’s life … Beautiful !!! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Kashish!!


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